General Information

Nimo Tea Resort seems to offer an exciting experience with the wood concept in the middle of the tea garden in Nimo Highland. The wood concept often gives a natural and warm tint, creating an atmosphere suitable for relaxing and relaxing.

Some interesting things about Nimo Tea Resort:

  1. Natural beauty : The location on the Nimo Highland promises stunning natural scenery, with its green tea gardens and fresh mountain air.

  2. Wood Concept : The resort design that uses wood gives a warm and natural tint. It can create a relaxing atmosphere and merge with the surrounding environment.

  3. Unique Experience : By being in the middle of the tea garden, guests can experience a unique and different experience from the usual accommodation. Hygiene and nature conservation may be the focus of this concept.

  4. Tea Garden Activities : Located in the tea garden, guests can engage in tea garden related activities, such as tea garden tours, tea making sessions, or learn about the tea production process.

  5. Tour Packages : The resort offers tour packages that include visits to attractions around Nimo Highland or nature adventure activities.

Located in Jl. Banjarsari, Pangalengan Subdistrict, Bandung Regency, West Java 40378.

Operating Hours :


Main Building

  • Sky Lounge
  • TIC Area
  • Lobby Area
  • Security Pos



The two-storey resort with the full range of facilities you mentioned sounds very attractive. Here is a more detailed description of the facilities available :

  • Bedroom

    There's one bedroom with a king bed.
    The other two bedrooms are equipped with queen beds.

  • Toilet

    Toilets are equipped with a water heater for the comfort of guests, ensuring they can shower with warm water.

  • Amenities Kit

    Guests are provided with amenities kits, which may contain bathing supplies, towels, hotel sandals, and other personal necessities.

  • Dispenser

    Dispensers are available in every room for every guest's drinking facilities.

  • Coffee and Tea Set

    Each room can be equipped with coffee and tea makers. This set include :

    • Coffee machine or electric kettle
    • High quality coffee and tea selection
    • Sugar, milk, and other sweeteners
    • Special cups or cups for coffee and tea
  • Safe Deposit Box

    Each room may be equipped with a safe deposit box to keep guest valuables.

  • Family Room

    There is a comfortable family room, equipped with a sofa and a relaxation area, where families can gather and socialize.

  • Balcony

    There are three balconies with beautiful views to the tea garden. It gives guests the opportunity to enjoy fresh air and amazing views.

  • Glass Balcony

    One of the three balconies is a glass balcony so it can create an open atmosphere and widen the view of guests.


The parking area is large enough to accommodate a lot of vehicles and free parking for resort guests


Free access to the Nimo Highland, in Nimo Highland there are many exciting rides so resort guests can do many activities while staying

Ticket & Promotions



TRANSPORTATION You can access Nimo Highland using vehicles of various sizes, from small to large
PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION Public transportation options are not available at the moment


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