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The tourism company focuses on Social Impact, Renewable Energy, Low Cost, & High Profit.

Cicalengka Dreamland


Located in Tanjungwangi Village, Cicalengka District, Bandung Regency, West Java, Cicalengka Drea...

Nimo Highland


Nimo Highland is a tourist destination known for its Instagram-worthy glass bridge icon. The name...

Borneo Wonderland


Borneo Wonderland is one of the highly viral tourist destinations among the public. It is located...

Maros Highland


Maros Highland is one of the unique tourist destinations as it combines the beauty of nature with...

Malang Skyland


Malang Skyland is the latest tourist destination that is currently trending and going viral on va...

With an average of 100,000 visitors per month and generating billions in revenue each month, we are continuously progressing towards further growth by developing 50 more tourist destinations over the next 5 years.

This company is formed to emerge and grow as a “Dragon” not a “Unicorn”. The character we are building is one that is Independent, Tenacious, Agile, and Invincible under any circumstances.

Fauzan Muttaqien - Director of Nimo Land

In 2025 - 2026 the company will go public (IPO) with the aim of achieving very high business growth and continuing development in 30 tourist destinations in Indonesia and Asia.

Ilham Sunaryanto - CEO of Nimo Land


Our goal is to become the best and largest tourism company in Indonesia.


  1. Building 50 Tourist Destinations in Indonesia and Asia
  2. Attracting 50 Million Visitors Annually
  3. Establishing Each Destination as a Premier Tourist Attraction
  4. Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology, Contemporary Design Concepts, and Exceptional Management.


Competitive Advantage


The primary focus is on the natural sensations and the luxury of nature, with buildings serving as complementary elements.


The concept of modern ecological tourism is a certainty to ensure that the natural environment remains pristine.


Beautiful landscapes, open air, the sensation of natural attractions, and the best healing experiences are offered to maintain optimal health.


Recreational attractions that combine the sensations of nature and scenic views create the best experience for travelers.

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