Hari Anak Nasional

On July 23, National Children's Day is celebrated. The choice of July 23 as National Children's Day coincides with the enactment of the Child Welfare Act on July 23, 2023. National Children's Day is an important moment to raise awareness and participation in ensuring the fulfillment of children's rights to live, grow, develop, and participate in a manner consistent with human dignity, protected from violence and discrimination.

In this regard, Maros Highland, one of the new tourist destinations in Maros, South Sulawesi, will join in the celebration of National Children's Day by offering various exciting activities and several competitions, including coloring contests, parenting seminars, and a fashion show.

Approximately 200 participants, consisting of preschool and elementary school students from the Maros district, Makassar city, and Gowa district, took part in this event.